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Heroin is one of the most addictive and deadly drugs out there. It is an opioid made from morphine and has claimed the lives of millions in the current overdose epidemic that continues to plague our nation. Managing and beating heroin addiction will be the hardest thing you ever do, but it is something we believe is possible for anyone who seeks proper care. At Dana Point Rehab Campus, we are equipped with experienced support staff, trusted medical professionals, top certified experts, and a team of compassionate advocates who are wholly dedicated to your success.

Why Quitting Heroin is Within Your Reach More Than Ever

Many cases of heroin addiction begin innocently enough. For example, an individual may be legally prescribed an opioid painkiller by his or her physician. When the medication ceases to produce the same pain-relieving effects it once did, one may try to increase the dose before turning to recreational heroin use. Before the individual realizes so, he or she has centered their entire life around getting and using heroin, no matter what it costs.

Prescription opioid use is a leading risk factor for heroin addiction and it is no surprise many people unknowingly take dangerous or addictive medication because they trust their doctors implicitly. Though it seems unbearable, overcoming heroin addiction is possible with professional help from a facility you can trust. Detoxing alone or without a guided treatment plan can be life-threatening and our specialists offer the understanding and knowledge to provide the tools and leadership you need.

Seeking Heroin Addiction Treatment in Dana Point? We Will Fight For Your Recovery

Every person living with an addiction is fighting their own unique battle, and we at Dana Point Rehab Campus are proud to offer comprehensive treatment options that are proven to work. Our team focuses on helping you work through addiction to help you permanently live a productive and healthy life. Lasting recovery is just around the corner.

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