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Dana Point Fentanyl Addiction Treatment

We Can Help You Overcome Addiction to One of the Most Powerful Opioids

Fentanyl is a potent opioid painkiller that’s at least 50 to 100 times stronger than morphine. Usually, this drug is reserved as a treatment for patients in the hospital setting, such as after a surgery or to cope with the chronic pain of a terminal illness. However, fentanyl is also an enormously popular recreational drug, and users seek out the intensely relaxing, euphoric high similar to what heroin users experience. Those who use fentanyl recreationally must acquire it from drug dealers, who first obtained the drugs from illicit manufacturers. Unbeknownst to the drug dealer or the consumer, these fentanyl-containing street drugs may contain some amount of heroin or cocaine, making them extremely dangerous and impossible to accurately dose. Because of this, fatal overdoses are common among fentanyl users. According to data from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), 59% of opioid-related deaths in 2017 involved fentanyl, compared to only 14% in 2010.

It takes more than resolve to give up fentanyl and free yourself from addiction. If you find yourself using more fentanyl than prescribed, or if you are buying it from a dealer, now is the time to get help and get clean. Sobriety from this strong opioid is all but impossible without a medically supervised detoxification process, followed by drug rehabilitation provided by an experienced team of addiction treatment professionals. At Dana Point Rehab Campus, we provide our patients with customized treatment plans tailored to their needs, so they can heal from fentanyl addiction.

Am I Addicted to Fentanyl?

You may be wondering what addiction looks like, especially if you feel you have a legitimate need to use strong painkillers like fentanyl. Addiction to opioids, especially a strong drug like fentanyl, sets in quickly. Even those who have a prescription can find themselves chasing the high they experienced when they took their first dose. The high comes from the brain being flooded with dopamine, which activates the reward center of the brain. This unnatural rush of dopamine cannot be sustained, though, and users quickly grow an increasing tolerance to fentanyl and need to take more and more to chase the first high.

If you find yourself preoccupied with fentanyl and you take it to avoid unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, you may be addicted. If you are buying fentanyl from drug dealers, you run the risk of taking drugs laced with other substances, putting yourself in danger of a fatal overdose. If you continue to use fentanyl despite the negative impacts on your life, you should seek immediate treatment.

Recovery Is Possible: Contact Dana Point Rehab Campus to Start Your Journey to Sobriety.

At Dana Point Rehab Campus, we provide a supervised, medical detox to get fentanyl safely out of your system so you can avoid any of the painful or dangerous effects of withdrawal. From there, you will start to recover in our peaceful, collaborative atmosphere overlooking the Pacific Ocean on a beautiful hillside. Our goal is to educate patients on the reality of drug addiction and how to confront it. You won’t have to do it alone, either, as our multidisciplinary treatment team or addiction specialists will help you every step of the way on your journey to sobriety, starting with the detox process, through treatment and therapy.

Seek help for fentanyl addiction today. Contact us at Dana Point Rehab Campus at (949) 347-5466. We are available to help you 24/7.

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