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Dana Point Family Support Program

Learn How to Support a Loved One Who Has an Addiction

We recognize Substance Use Disorder (SUD) impacts the entire family and that the best results for long-term recovery are directly correlated with family participation. To support family involvement throughout the healing process, CRC specifically designed a Family Program to educate members about the nature of addiction & recovery, as well as provide strategies on how to support your loved one when they come home.

These weekly, virtual sessions* bring together family members of all our clients to learn, grow, and support each other. Psycho-educational topics include, How to create a Home Safety Agreement, Boundary Setting, Renegotiating Relationships, and Fun in Sobriety. In addition to providing families with valuable information, referrals, and resources, these sessions connect you with other families going through the recovery process in a safe, confidential forum where loved-ones can ask questions, receive feedback, and provide each other with strength, hope, and support.

* CRC uses ZOOM, a safe, confidential, HIPPA compliant, fully interactive, web-based telemedicine platform to host these sessions.

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