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Residential Substance Abuse Treatment in California

Dana Point Rehab Campus is a great option for residential substance abuse treatment in California. In addition to our residential inpatient program, we also offer partial hospitalization, outpatient treatment, and intensive outpatient treatment (IOP). To inquire further regarding the different programs we offer, please do give us a call or send us an email.

Our One-of-a-Kind Facility

The first thing that stands out about Dana Point Rehab Campus is our facility. We have purchased a mansion located discreetly upon a hillside overlooking Orange County and the Pacific Ocean and transformed it into a posh residential substance abuse treatment facility. Here, we provide private and upscale addiction treatment for people who value their anonymity and value a higher degree of treatment in a cleaner, more peaceful, and lavish environment.

Do You Need Residential Inpatient Treatment?

If you know that you need residential inpatient treatment, or if you're not sure which program would be best for you, give us a call. We'd be glad to meet with you and privately discuss what's going on in your life. After we conduct an initial assessment, we'll be able to determine which program might benefit you most. If you are having severe withdrawal symptoms from drugs or alcohol, seek medical attention right away. Dana Point Rehab Campus is a licensed detoxification facility, and if you plan accordingly, we can coordinate with you a date and a time for you to stop using, detoxify safely, then enter into our residential inpatient treatment program.

Residential Inpatient Treatment at Rehab X

Most rehabs apply the sardine addiction treatment model, meaning that they stuff as many clients as they can into the addiction treatment jar. These facilities aren't the most sterile environments, as they are often susceptible to lice, bed bugs, airborne illnesses, contaminants, and other contagions. This isn't surprising, knowing that these facilities have so many people from so many different walks of life cram-packed within such close quarters.

Residential Inpatient Treatment at Dana Point

Dana Point Rehab Campus is clean, serene, private, exclusive, upscale, beautiful, and tranquil. Plus, our approach to addiction treatment therapy is entirely different than most other facilities in that we customize our addiction treatment plans according to the needs, goals, and preferences of each client we serve. Our clients tend to appreciate this because it gives them the keys to their recovery and affords them the dignity of being a human rather than a lab mouse.

Choose the Treatment Center that's Right for You!

In the end, Dana Point Rehab Campus will never try to sell you the treatment you don't need, and we'll never try to convince you to do something that you don't want to do. To do so would be futile. You have to decide what will work best for you and live with your decision. If you are looking for residential substance abuse treatment in California and would like to learn more about your options, or if you have any questions regarding our facility or program, please don't hesitate to give us a call or send an email.

Residential Substance Abuse Treatment California
Dana Point Rehab Campus – Drug and Alcohol Rehab Orange County
33861 Granada Dr, Dana Point, CA 92629

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Real Stories From Real People

Recovery Stories
  • “The custom-tailored approach and the competent and caring staff made me both comfortable and productive.”

  • “I will pray for you to continue to have the zeal u will need, to keep saving people from despair and addiction”

    Mother of Alumni
  • “Coming to DPRC was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.”

    Mark H.
  • “I was a difficult client but received the individual attention you promised. The Psychologist on staff was a great help to me. I received the care I was promised and have much hope for the future. I would recommend Dana Point Rehab Campus to anyone.”

    Nursing Professional
  • “Dana Point Rehab Campus helped me to find my purpose to live a happy and healthy life I have always dreamed of.”

    Jonathan H.
  • “It’s given me a strong base and confidence in my current recovery, as well as more enjoyment of day-to-day life”

    Retired CEO
  • “I am proud of both myself and the friendly CRC staff for helping me get my wings back! Thank you, I will never forget how selfless and kind you all were in helping me throughout my journey!”

    Cale M.
  • “This place helped me start to find the cause of my addiction and managed to sincerely save me from myself while providing me the training and skills needed to combat this in the future.”


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