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Rehabs in Orange County

If you are looking for rehabs in Orange county, Dana Point Campus treats both drug and alcohol addiction. We have a beautiful campus and accept several different types of insurance. We specialize in individualized treatment and offer many complimentary therapies to our clients.

How do I choose a drug and alcohol rehab program?

There are several different things to consider when you are choosing a drug and alcohol rehab program.

  • What treatments do they offer?
  • What is their philosophy?
  • Do they offer natural treatments?
  • What type of counselling is available?
  • What is the typical stay?
  • What type of detox programs are available?

Professional, friendly and kind staff

After you have chosen your center you will need to make sure the facility accepts your insurance and if they have an opening for you. There are several rehabs in Orange county for you to choose from. Addiction doesn’t go away overnight. It is a long-term condition and you need to learn how to manage in a positive way for the rest of your life. Your choice of therapies and programs can have a lifelong impact on how you deal with addiction.

What is detoxing?

When you suddenly stop drinking or taking drugs you can have several different side effects. Some of the side effects are seizures, hallucinations, and sometimes death. Today there are several different medications that can be used to ease these conditions. A rehabilitation center will have professionals standing by to help you through the process of detoxification.

What does drug addiction rehab entail?

Each drug affects the brain differently. Treating drug addiction is complicated and the program should be individualized for each person. First, you need to admit you have a problem and you want to get help. That is the first step. You will also need to detox. After detoxing the real work begins.

  • Therapy, individual and or group
  • Chemical dependence treatment
  • Learning how to modify your behavior
  • Attending support groups
  • Find methods to cope with cravings, find your triggers and avoid relapse
  • Attend to other mental problems you may have

Alcoholism or alcohol addiction is the most common form of addiction in the United States. Many people do not even realize they have a problem, or they are in denial. You can buy it virtually everywhere. Like any other addiction, you will probably require the help of professionals to end your struggle with it. How do you know if you have a problem with alcohol? You can ask yourself a few key questions. Your answers to these questions will help you decide but you need to be honest with yourself. Do you plan your day around alcohol? If you don’t have a drink, do you ever get jittery, get the sweats and feel sick until you have a drink? Have you ever worried about where your next drink will come from? Rehabs in orange county can help you understand your alcohol addiction.

We provide:

  • Alcohol dependence treatment
  • Individualized treatment of other mental disorders
  • Proven therapies
  • Strategies for staying sober and coping with your addiction
  • Self-help groups

We have a proven track record with addiction and are true professionals in our field. Give us a call.

Rehabs In Orange County
Dana Point Rehab Campus – Drug and Alcohol Rehab Orange County
33861 Granada Dr, Dana Point, CA 92629

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Real Stories From Real People

Recovery Stories
  • “I am proud of both myself and the friendly CRC staff for helping me get my wings back! Thank you, I will never forget how selfless and kind you all were in helping me throughout my journey!”

    Cale M.
  • “This place helped me start to find the cause of my addiction and managed to sincerely save me from myself while providing me the training and skills needed to combat this in the future.”

  • “I will pray for you to continue to have the zeal u will need, to keep saving people from despair and addiction”

    Mother of Alumni
  • “Coming to DPRC was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.”

    Mark H.
  • “he custom-tailored approach and the competent and caring staff made me both comfortable and productive.”

  • “I was a difficult client but received the individual attention you promised. The Psychologist on staff was a great help to me. I received the care I was promised and have much hope for the future. I would recommend Dana Point Rehab Campus to anyone.”

    Nursing Professional
  • “Dana Point Rehab Campus helped me to find my purpose to live a happy and healthy life I have always dreamed of.”

    Jonathan H.
  • “It’s given me a strong base and confidence in my current recovery, as well as more enjoyment of day-to-day life”

    Retired CEO

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