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Drug Rehab in Orange County CA

What drugs are commonly abused in California?

As with the rest of the nation, opioid abuse is a common problem. Nonetheless, opiate medications such as OxyContin, Vicodin, morphine, and codeine are not the only drugs of abuse in the Golden State. According to research statisticians at UCLA, heroin and methamphetamine drugs are also a burgeoning problem in California. In fact, those in the know report that more than 20 percent of Los Angeles County residents who are older than 12 years of age say that they have tried -or misused- alcohol and other mind-altering substances. At least five percent of Orange County residents admit to using prescription pain relievers for recreational reasons and more than seven percent say they are dependent on alcohol. A substantial number of residents also say they've used cocaine in the past month. If you or someone you care about is messing up their life with drug misuse, please don't lose hope. Help is readily available at our private and confidential facility for drug rehab in Orange County CA.

Are opioids a problem in Orange County?

You bet they are. In fact, the National Institute of Health says that although the number of opiate-related deaths in California is slightly below the national average of 14 deaths per 100,000 residents, California's prescription opiate epidemic is far from over. A great number of opiate overdose deaths in the Golden State involve synthetic opiates such as Fentanyl. Heroin deaths are also on the rise, having increased more than twofold in the last two years, according to drug abuse statisticians at the NIH. This is one reason it's imperative that everyone is aware that drug rehab in Orange County CA is standing by and ready to help.

Is alcohol a drug?

Actually, it is. Alcohol is as much of a drug as meth, heroin, OxyContin, or prescription medications. Because it is legal for anyone over the age of 21 to buy and use, alcohol experimentation -or downright abuse- is common throughout the Golden State. In fact, experts at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse says that alcohol dependence and drug abuse often go hand-in-hand. Drinking in moderation is not a problem for most people. Overdoing it can be deadly.

What is medical detox?

Medical detox helps drug and alcohol dependent people get through the rigors of withdrawal in relative comfort. In and of itself, medical detox is not enough to keep a person sane and sober. That's why our drug rehab in Orange County CA offers a range of recovery services designed to identify and treat the underlying roots of addiction. Cognitive behavioral counseling, peer group meetings, nutritional counseling, and alternative therapies work together to help the addict or alcoholic deal with life's issues sans the mind-numbing affects of drug or drink.

Rehab doesn't have to be spartan or scary. In fact, Dana Point Rehab Campus drug rehab in Orange County CA offers effective addiction treatment in a very luxurious setting. When you are ready to take the first step toward the rest of your life, please contact us without delay.

Drug Rehab Orange County Ca
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Recovery Stories
  • “This place helped me start to find the cause of my addiction and managed to sincerely save me from myself while providing me the training and skills needed to combat this in the future.”

  • “Dana Point Rehab Campus helped me to find my purpose to live a happy and healthy life I have always dreamed of.”

    Jonathan H.
  • “Coming to DPRC was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.”

    Mark H.
  • “I was a difficult client but received the individual attention you promised. The Psychologist on staff was a great help to me. I received the care I was promised and have much hope for the future. I would recommend Dana Point Rehab Campus to anyone.”

    Nursing Professional
  • “I am proud of both myself and the friendly CRC staff for helping me get my wings back! Thank you, I will never forget how selfless and kind you all were in helping me throughout my journey!”

    Cale M.
  • “It’s given me a strong base and confidence in my current recovery, as well as more enjoyment of day-to-day life”

    Retired CEO
  • “he custom-tailored approach and the competent and caring staff made me both comfortable and productive.”

  • “I will pray for you to continue to have the zeal u will need, to keep saving people from despair and addiction”

    Mother of Alumni

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