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Drug Addiction Problem

Drug dependence and addiction offer serious consequences and can cause problems with your health, relationships, and overall livelihood. Knowing if you have a drug problem can help you decide whether you need professional treatment for recovery.

Here are common signs of drug dependence and addiction, along with how drug detox and rehab can help you or a loved one overcome a substance abuse disorder.

What Is Drug Dependence?

Using drugs regularly can cause you to build a tolerance, meaning you may need larger amounts of drugs to experience the same effects. When you start using larger amounts of drugs regularly, your body and brain can adapt to the presence of these substances and come to rely on them for experiencing relaxation, happiness, pain relief, and other effects.

When you’re dependent on a drug, you may experience cravings and withdrawal symptoms like nausea, vomiting, bone pain, and insomnia when quitting or reducing use. Drug dependence can make it difficult for you to quit using drugs due to these unpleasant symptoms. Many who suffer from drug dependence also suffer from drug addiction.

Signs of Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is different from dependence in that this disorder is characterized by the inability to stop using drugs despite negative consequences. People who suffer from addiction tend to rank drugs and alcohol above other important obligations surrounding their work, families, school, and social lives.

Common signs of drug addiction include the following:

•Withdrawing from friends, family, and social events

•Loss of interest in favorite hobbies and activities

•Unexplained mood swings and irritability

•Decline in performance at work or school

•Poor personal hygiene

•Unusual sleep patterns and sleep disturbances

•Relationship problems

•Legal and financial hardships

•Devoting an increased amount of time to drug use

Drug dependence and addiction can be safely treated at drug and alcohol rehab centers that offer detox and therapy.

What Is a Drug Detox?

Drug and alcohol detox treatments are used to help you safely overcome physical dependence on these substances. Many detox methods allow you to withdraw from drugs in a safe, controlled medical environment away from outside influences and access to drugs and alcohol.

Drug detox is usually performed as a medical detox, which takes place in an inpatient or hospital-like setting and allows you to withdraw from drugs at your own natural pace using medications to relieve some or all withdrawal symptoms. A medical detox can take anywhere between a few days to several weeks based on factors such as the drug being used and severity of the addiction.

How a Drug Rehab Center Can Help

Drug detox is just the first stage of addiction treatment and is often followed by therapy at a drug rehab center, which helps you overcome the factors that led to your addiction in the first place. Therapy helps you change negative thoughts and behaviors surrounding your addiction and helps you rebuild confidence and self-esteem so you can navigate society without the need for drugs and alcohol.

If you think you or a loved one has a drug problem, getting help at drug rehab today can help one experience a safe and successful long-term recovery from addiction.