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  • Detox Facilities Orange County
    Detox Facilities Orange County

    Alcohol addiction is a serious medical condition that impacts your life and the life of your loved ones. Once you realize that you have a problem with alcohol it may be difficult to stop drinking on ...

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  • 20 Shocking Alcohol Abuse and Consumption Statistics
    20 Shocking Alcohol Abuse and Consumption Statistics

    Alcohol use disorder affects 15.1 million adults in the U.S. and affects men nearly twice as much as women. An estimated 31% of driving fatalities in the U.S. in 2014 were caused by alcohol-impaired ...

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  • Dana Point Rehab Campus
    Dana Point Rehab Campus

    There are seemingly countless drug rehabs in California, each one offering its own services as the very best addiction treatment you can find. However, much of what you read and view online is mere ...

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