Addiction Treatment in Orange County

Detox Facilities Orange County

Alcohol addiction is a serious medical condition that impacts your life and the life of your loved ones. Once you realize that you have a problem with alcohol it may be difficult to stop drinking on your own. You may try to stop drinking but when you experience withdrawal symptoms you might start again. This is perfectly normal. In order to end your addiction, you need to go to one of the professional detox facilities in Orange County.

What to Expect During Detoxification

The detox process is often the worst part of rehab and the part that people fear the most. If you have tried to stop drinking on your own in the past you know that you might begin to feel withdrawal symptoms. It is at this point that most people going through detox on their own fail.

It is important to realize that withdrawal symptoms are not just in your head, they are real. When you go through them it can be a frightening experience. The best way to make sure that you succeed is by getting professional, compassionate support for the detox process as well as for the rehab process that follows.

Detox facilities in Orange County are designed to provide a three-prong approach to detoxification. This includes evaluation, stabilization, and transition. Evaluation occurs upon intake. You will be thoroughly evaluated to determine your precise needs. A patient care coordinator nurse will handle the evaluation and the information will be provided to a doctor who will prepare a treatment plan.

Each treatment plan is developed particularly for each individual and includes the treatments and therapy options that are most appropriate and that are most likely to be successful. Then patients will go through the stabilization phase. This detoxification process is where you will rid your body of alcohol.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can range greatly from minor to severe. The severity and length of detoxification depend on many things including how much alcohol you have been drinking on a daily basis and how long you have been addicted to alcohol. Detox facilities in Orange County are prepared to safely handle all of your possible withdrawal symptoms.

Once you successfully go through detox you will be able to begin the transition process to a program where you can gain the knowledge and tools to fight the psychological part of alcohol addiction. You are not on your way to becoming alcohol-free for life.

End Your Addiction to Alcohol for Good

Alcoholism requires professional support when you want to kick the habit forever. The best detox facilities in Orange County have systems in place to support you every step of the way as you rid your life of alcohol. There is no better time to stop your alcohol addiction than today. You have the power to change your life. With support from professional detox facilities in Orange County, you can and will succeed. You will be able to look forward to a long, happy and healthy life without the abuse of alcohol.