Addiction Treatment in Orange County

Dana Point Rehab Campus

There are seemingly countless drug rehabs in California, each one offering its own services as the very best addiction treatment you can find. However, much of what you read and view online is mere marketing jargon. How do you cut through the hype and know if a rehab is what they say they are? Look at the results they bear. Are they helping their clients to get clean and stay clean? What are their past clients saying about them? At Dana Point Rehab Campus, we do things differently than other drug rehabs in California. How so?

What Separates Us

We focus on treating the individual as a whole rather than treating one part of a problem. By connecting the mind with the body and spirit, a person is much more likely to actively engage in and pursue their own recovery, even after they leave our rehab. Rather than a standard program that we apply to our clients as is customary with most rehabs, Dana Point Rehab Campus customizes an addiction treatment plan according to the specific needs of each client we treat.

The Revolving Door of Drug Rehabs in California

Many of our clients are new to rehab, and many of our clients have gone to rehab before (perhaps multiple times) only to relapse and come back again. The latter type of client usually decides to give Dana Point a try when they realize that cut and paste rehab programs don’t work for them, and it doesn’t make sense to keep wasting precious money and time going through the revolving doors of the drug rehabilitation industry.

We Combine Modern and Traditional Addiction Treatment Techniques

At Dana Point Rehab Campus, we duly recognize that traditional rehab programs have their place in recovery. For example, the 12 Step program and meetings like Alcoholics Anonymous and its many offshoots are excellent places for a person in recovery to find a sponsor and get a reliable support network comprised of other people who are also working their recovery. With that said, AA and the 12 Steps aren’t for everybody. Rehabs who fail to realize or admit this fact will continue to have many of their clients fall through the proverbial cracks. The kind of recovery programs that work best are the ones that the client wants to work.

Is Dana Point Rehab Campus Right for You?

At Dana Point Rehab Campus, we cater to clients who often have no interest in AA or the 12 Steps. We are often the only rehab that offers recovery alternatives to these conventional recovery programs. Further, many of our clients are high profile people who don’t want everyone and their mother to know they’re in rehab. Still, many of our clients appreciate the finer things in life and want to recover in a setting that reminds them more of home.
If you are looking for drug rehabs in California (whether for you or a loved one), consider getting clean and starting recovery at Dana Point Rehab Campus. With resort-style amenities, fun and healthy recovery activities, beautiful scenery, and all the comforts and leisure of a mansion; getting clean here is for people how value the best available professional addiction treatment in the best possible setting.