Addiction Treatment in Orange County

Heroin Detox Orange County

If you use heroin regularly, you may be addicted to it without even realizing. We urge you to come to Dana Point Rehab Campus for an urgent investigation. Heroin is an extremely dangerous narcotic in the long-term, significantly increasing the risk of sudden death even in healthy individuals. This means that every second count.

Our program of heroin detox in Orange County relies on high-end procedures to offer you a way out of the mess. If you want to beat the heroin addiction, you must know it’s not an easy task. You can’t do it by yourself and finding a top rehab provider isn’t a walk in the park either. So, how are we different than the rest?

Personalized chemical detoxification

Heroin is a narcotic, which means it will affect the functionality of the opioid receptors in the brain. The purpose of the detox process is to cleanse your nervous system of the substance, eliminate the drug-related symptoms, and counter withdrawal. So long as withdrawal remains active, you won’t be able to quit using the drug, and you can’t fight it on your own.

Our experts are here to correct that problem. The detox treatment we’re using is tailored to your clinical profile. It’s the only way to increase its effectiveness and eliminate the risk of complications, as is the case with poorly executed rehab treatments in other facilities.

Behavioral support and advanced psychotherapies

The rehab programs that rely on detox only will fail you in terms of long-lasting results. Our heroin detox in Orange County uses a variety of psychotherapies as part of the process. We have a multitude of group and individual therapy sessions, as well as family counseling meetings that you can take part in. They will help:

  • Restore your emotional connections to those you love
  • Address emotional traumas from the past
  • Restore your cognitive functionality
  • Become more socially active
  • Eliminate the negative thoughts and embrace optimism
  • Become more resolute in achieving your goals
  • Support you in growing more independent and develop mental strength
  • Stabilize your psychological status

The purpose of all these procedures and therapies is to ensure long-term sobriety and a fast and lasting recovery process. In many cases, the rehab process will last for a lifetime, especially when talking about narcotics.

Education and self-help groups

It’s time for you to learn how to take care of yourself, once leaving our institution’s walls. Our experts are here to help you:

  • Get a better job
  • Solve all your legal problems
  • Bring peace and happiness into your relationship
  • Avoid social triggers and stay sober over the years

We realize that the rehabilitation process may be difficult for you, so take our hand and we’ll show you that it is doable! We have one of the leading programs of heroin detox in Orange County, whose popularity is well-deserved.

At Dana Point Rehab Campus, we offer passion, commitment, knowledge, and some of the best rehab programs in the business. If you’re ready to leave heroin behind, make an appointment today!