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The road to recovery is not one that anybody can walk alone. At Dana Point Rehab Campus, you or your loved one will be able to lean on a compassionate team of addiction therapists and clinicians throughout the recovery process. Our interdisciplinary team closely works with each and every client to establish goals and develop a truly personalized treatment plan.

Every member of our staff is committed to our mission of providing the highest level of personalized care. Whatever fears you may have about tackling struggles with drug or alcohol abuse, at Dana Point Rehab Campus, you can count on our dedicated team to support you through every step of this journey.

Team Members

Tami Tucker, PhD | Clinical Director

Tami L Tucker, Ph.D. is an Industrial Psychologist. Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Management Consultant. She has been a licensed psychologist for over 25 years and began her research in the area of Industrial psychology prior to that. She consults to large Fortune 100 companies and small organizations as an Executive Coach and Management Consultant specializing in pre-hiring assessment. She brings her dedication to performance optimization and assessment to the field of recovery in an effort to expand the approach and tools used to treat addiction. As Clinical Director at CRC she has developed a program that is specialized for each client through psychological assessment not only to determine underlying co-occurring disorders, but to also assess cognitive and personality variables as we seek to optimize knowledge and skills within our clients as they fight addiction.

Janie Montiel, AMFT | Therapist

Janie M. Montiel graduated with a Master’s in Clinical Counseling with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University. Janie has spent over 3000 hours working with traumatized children, adolescents, adults, and families in a clinical setting. Janie has facilitated group therapy for the batterers’ intervention programs, child abuse treatment program, anger management and outpatient substance abuse treatment. Janie is EMDR trained and experienced in utilizing this unique tool to aid the natural healing ability of the brain and body post-trauma. Janie is passionate about understanding the impact of early childhood adversity and the effect upon the developing brain and the implications for adult health and well-being.

What happens when you are traumatized and how can EMDR help?

Most of the time your body routinely manages new information and experiences without you being aware of it. However, when something out of the ordinary occurs and you are traumatized by an overwhelming event (e.g. a car accident) or by being repeatedly subjected to distress (e.g. childhood neglect), your natural coping mechanism can become overloaded. This overloading can result in disturbing experiences remaining frozen in your brain or being “unprocessed.” Such unprocessed memories and feelings are stored in the limbic system of your brain in a “raw” and emotional form rather than in a verbal “story” mode. This limbic system maintains traumatic memories in an isolated memory network that is associated with emotions and physical sensations, and which are disconnected from the brain’s cortex where we use language to store memories. The limbic system’s traumatic memories can be continually triggered where you experience new events similar to the difficult experiences you have been through. Often the memory itself is long forgotten, but the painful feelings such as anxiety, panic, anger or despair are continually triggered in the present. Your ability to live in the present and learn from new experiences can therefore become inhibited, EMDR helps create the connections between your brain’s memory networks, enabling your brain to process the traumatic memory in a very natural way.

Dr. Mariam Harris, PhD, LMFT | Therapist

Mariam Harris is a licensed clinician with a Doctorate in Depth Psychotherapy. Individuals who experience substance use disorders, mood disorders, anxiety and sexual compulsions are able to explore the root issue of their difficulties via depth therapy. Studies have shown the depth approach may have significant lasting results. Dr Harris is also the Clinical Director of National Alliance of Mental Illness-Orange County Chapter Warmline. The NAMI-OC Warmline is one of largest emotional support phone lines in the nation.

Howard Goodman, MA, LMFT | Therapist & Group Facilitator

Howard is a licensed psychotherapist and addiction specialist. Since 2010 Howard has treated hundreds of individuals and conducted thousands of groups teaching people how to stay sober. In recovery himself, Howard brings a unique professional and personal sense of empathy, urgency, and purpose to his work. Howard is also the author of “The Staying Sober Handbook” a comprehensive guide to long-term recovery. It brings together the best science, research, and evidence-based practices of the last 25 years into an easy to understand, Step-by-step approach to sobriety, health, and Wellness. His Best-Selling book brings fresh, actionable ideas to fight against addiction. A frequent blog contributor and public speaker, Howard
advocates for increased public awareness, education, and community-based participation in the fight against the disease of addiction.

Real Stories From Real People

Recovery Stories
  • “I was a difficult client but received the individual attention you promised. The Psychologist on staff was a great help to me. I received the care I was promised and have much hope for the future. I would recommend Dana Point Rehab Campus to anyone.”

    Nursing Professional
  • “I would recommend Dana Point Recovery to anyone looking for a new future.”

    Nursing Professional
  • “It’s given me a strong base and confidence in my current recovery, as well as more enjoyment of day-to-day life”

    Retired CEO
  • “I will pray for you to continue to have the zeal u will need, to keep saving people from despair and addiction”

    Mother of Alumni
  • “Coming to DPRC was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.”

    Mark H.
  • “This place helped me start to find the cause of my addiction and managed to sincerely save me from myself while providing me the training and skills needed to combat this in the future.”

  • “he custom-tailored approach and the competent and caring staff made me both comfortable and productive.”

  • “Dana Point Rehab Campus helped me to find my purpose to live a happy and healthy life I have always dreamed of.”

    Jonathan H.

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